Full Mouth Rejuvenation

It sounds as wonderful as it is: a complete restoration, rejuvenation and rehabilitation of your mouth.

In the end, you’ll have a beautiful smile, a healthy bite, and a renewed feeling of confidence. If your jaw is not aligned correctly, your bite may not be in its optimal position. This condition is known as malocclusion. As a result, teeth can wear down unevenly, chip or break. Even older restorations, including fillings and caps, can be damaged. Worse, malocclusion can cause a variety of annoying and even painful problems, from discomfort when chewing to headaches, neck pain and migraines. The result is an unattractive smile that adds years to your appearance, decreases your self-esteem, and affects your overall health.

What is involved in full-mouth rejuvenation?

Neuromuscular dentistry is the first step in full-mouth rejuvenation. You will have a K7 analysis to determine if there is abnormal muscle activity that results from malocclusion. If so, steps to align your jaw will follow. This may include wearing an orthotic or adjusting the bite through the application of dental restorations.

We will begin the aesthetic portion of the procedure once your bite has been corrected. The aesthetic phase of your treatment will involve a preparation appointment and a seating appointment. During the preparation appointment, we will remove all your old restorations and any decay that has occurred. Then, impressions of the underlying healthy tooth structure will be taken and temporary restorations made. These temporaries will be worn until the final appointment when they are removed and the final restorations put in place, creating a gorgeous, rehabilitated smile that’s attractive and healthy.

When complete, you can expect to have a pain-free, healthy bite.