General Dentistry

I know the importance of finding a great general dentist. My name is Dr. Gina Deveaux and I have enjoyed providing quality dental care in the Cape Breton area for over 25 years.

General dentistry involves the treatment of gum disease, tooth decay and any problems associated with the teeth, gums and jaw. Early diagnosis is key. Our exams are thorough and include a complete evaluation of your mouth including oral cancer screening, periodontal assessment, bite analysis, and a tooth by tooth inspection. We also provide a complete head and neck examination.

Once we have developed a thorough picture of your dental health, we will recommend a personalized treatment plan to correct any problems and preserve your smile. Although we also offer the finest cutting- edge cosmetic and neuromuscular dental services, the core of our practice continues to be general dentistry.

Our philosophy is simple: listen, understand and work with each person to provide the best dental care possible. Our office team is here to serve you and will go the extra mile to make your experience a positive one.

If you live in the Cape Breton area and are in need of general dentistry services, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.